OpsVeda 9.0 boosts agility for enterprises

A more effective approach to enterprise agility

Richer content | Automation capable | Broader technology choices | Accelerated go-live


Content-rich, powered by AI and automation capable, OpsVeda 9.0 is the answer to gaining operational agility for any enterprise. OpsVeda’s flagship offering now provides a quick and low-risk way for companies to enjoy the benefits of an Operational Intelligence solution.

It is a vehicle to boost agility for enterprises across all operations. OpsVeda 9.0 makes it very easy for the business analyst or an application developer to ingest data, link multiple processes and enable autonomous actions to realize greater value from automation efforts.

These are powerful capabilities for businesses that are trying to digitally stitch together departments to ensure a seamless experience for their customers.

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JUNI 2.0 & Optimization


OpsVeda’s domain aware AI assistant JUNI, that helps uncover opportunities by surfacing hidden trends and abnormalities in operations data is significantly improved. The process of creating business functions and measures is simpler. Filtering capabilities have also been better integrated with OpsVeda’s patented Process-Agnostic Data & Measure Store architectures. This integration improves reusability providing better integrated exception identification and alerting capabilities.

Optimization has also received a major fillip. In addition to rule-based optimization, business functions can plug into advanced Machine Learning and Optimization algorithms.

Data & Connectors


Hard wired integrations with data sources are not going to be a pre-requisite. 9.0 empowers managers to realize value of data tucked away in data lakes, reports, etc. Ingesting that data has been simplified and enabling users to be quickly live with all the insights, prescriptions & alerts. OpsVeda 9.0 features a wider array of connectors. Traditionally supported RESTful event-based real-time connectors for systems of record from SAP, Oracle and Salesforce are enhanced. The system also features readymade integration to pull-in logistics information like ETA and carrier rates even from third party providers.


Automation (RPA)


Customers will benefit from bots that automate the action(s) prescribed by the OpsVeda platform. The actions could be carried out in external systems or within OpsVeda. Bots can also be employed to play a role in data ingestion allowing quick data integration with little or no IT support. Bot-based integration enables a low effort and low risk deployment, as well as end-to-end autonomous capabilities.

Solution Factory


The portfolio of business functions and other out-of-the-box content is broader and deeper. In addition to improvements to the content in areas like Revenue Management, Order Fulfillment, Inventory, Manufacturing, Procurement and Channel, solution coverage is extended to many new operational functions. Newly available content covers Quality Management, Claims Management, Supplier Collaboration, Claims & Dispute Management, and Service Management. This library of solutions will continue to grow.

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Broader Technology Choices


OpsVeda 9.0 is compatible with multiple databases including an open source option. This makes OpsVeda a platform of choice for a broader market beyond the typical ecosystems centered on large technology providers.


OpsVeda 9.0 is the nimble operational intelligence software solution that will provide your enterprise with the prowess to gain unprecedented agility across all areas.

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